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Tampa Bay EcoTours specializes in nature tours through out the Tampa Bay Estuary  and on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.  Our primary guides are certified Florida Master Naturalist and we collaborate with the finest local outfitters to provide nature walks, bird watching outings and guided tours through out the greater Tampa Bay Area.

With over 30 years of experience right here in the Tampa Bay area, we can show you Tampa Bay’s natural habitats and wildlife like the natives that we are!



Guided Tours

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Florida is well known for family destinations like Disney World and Busch Gardens. But the Sunshine State is also known for it’s eco tourism attractions. Eco tourism is critical part of our local economy that benefits many.

Eco Tourism includes everything from fishing, birdwatching, nature hikes and everything in between. It’s a form of tourism that educates both the community and the potential visitors to the coastal Gulf region. It  benefits the economic development of our local towns, and fosters respect for wildlife and the environment.

At Tampa Bay Eco Tours, the main objective is to provide everyone with a chance to connect with the nature through first-hand field experiences.


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History of the Sheridan excerpt courtesy of “Shipwrecks of Florida’s West Coast” by Leon Watts:

WATCH VIDEO: Sheridan Trip August 2014 | Eagle Ray & Cobia “On November 17, 1986 the oceangoing tug set out on its last trip. This time she was not hauling a barge to the Caribbean, in fact this time she was the cargo. The D.T. Sheridan was built in 1951 in Brooklyn N.Y. Her career would …