1348 St. Pete/Clearwater is a favorite spot for birds. As a matter of fact over 40,000 nesting pairs of shorebirds visit the Tampa Bay area each year. Pinellas County offers 15 sites along the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail, with habitats including mangrove swamps, slash-pine forests, unspoiled beaches and an endlessly important estuary in Tampa Bay. In parks and preserves across the area, you’ll have the chance to see an amazing diversity species in unique and beautiful habitats. Join us on foot or by boat (seasonally in the winter) to get the best opportunity to see our feathered friends in breeding colonies all over the estuary.

Among the many species you’ll see in the area, keep an eye out for these special birds during your visit to St. Pete/Clearwater.

Great Blue Heron: Known for its sometimes cranky demeanor, the great blue heron is a common sight along the waterways of St. Pete/Clearwater. These impressive birds can reach heights of 46 inches and have a wingspan of more than six feet.

Snowy Egret: This small white heron is often confused with other members of the same family. Just remember, the snowy egret has a black bill and yellow feet. Its cousin, the great egret, has a yellow bill and black feet.

Brown Pelican: Unlike its cousin the white pelican, brown pelicans feed on schooling fish by making spectacular dives from high altitudes. The brown pelican, once dwindling in numbers, has made a strong comeback thanks to strict conservation efforts.

Pileated Woodpecker: These birds love to roost or nest in the trunks of old pine trees. This bird is a common sight in woodland areas such as Brooker Creek Preserve.

BIRDING BY BOAT IN CLEARWATER BAY:  Our new spacious 32 ft. Dick Sermons designed custom boat is a birders dream.  Plunger has plenty of deck room, plenty of padded seating, lots of shade, and an elevated sun deck!! PLUNGER has all the latest electronics, a fresh water shower, cooler space for food & drinks and dry storage for your equipment. With a running speed of 20 knots, we can get you there fast, too.

Winter boat trips are suitable for up to 6 people and available from September-March. Tours last a minimum of 2 hours and can be customized to suit your schedule.